Prace-based 4 months course for education or development support specialists

Next launch — January 22, 2023
Early bird registration period: 2022.10.05 - 2022.12.21
Learning tracks
What better fits your objectives?
Individual development? Group and community development? Development of projects and organizations in education? Weaving educational ecosystems?
Navigators work on all these levels, but most of us has a speciality. Choose yours!
Individual navigation
Life orientation specialist
Individual life strategies and learning journeys, unlocking of personal potentials and deep inner motivations, facilitating self-determination and self-orientation.
Group (community) navigation
Social technologist
Group and community development support, facilitating group dynamics, relationship management, in-group personal development, teaming, social game design.
Navigation of educational organizations
Futures-based project conceptualizing, complex design and development of educational organizations to become prototypes of their desired futures, transforming organizations into ecosystemic hubs, facilitating of organization communities collective thinking, strategizing and problem solving, design/selection and verification of approaches, practices and activities to suit organization's collective vision, futures-based organizational design.
Navigation of ecosystems
Ecosystem weaver
Studying the plasticity and permeability of different lifestyles adopted in educational communities, building sustainable partnerships and networks between communities, mapping and customizing local educational ecosystems, facilitating birth and development of common activity between ecosystem participants.
Parallel Program
Learn whatever and as much as you want
Become a program expert while learning
Cross-track synchronization webinars

Each track has its own specific topics and practices, so we work autonomously.

But we also have common topics, for the discussion of which it is important to meet.

Therefore, we have a parallel synchronization program — three times during the training we gather all groups to have one common additional webinar.

Each track group is «on duty» for each of the three webinars.
That's how we check in with each other and feel like one community.
Additional webinars upon request

No matter how rich the program is, there is always something else that you want to learn or clarify. And we have something to tell and show!
Firstly, our experts know a lot on education outside the course topics
Secondly, our students are experts themselves in various fields related to education.

Therefore, a strong tradition of Navigator Schools is additional webinars upon request.

You can ask us to give an extra session.
Or you can claim and conduct it yourself as expert.
You can gather a group of interested people — and we find you an expert!
Individual learning journey
Each student gets an individual plan in accordance with their learning needs — what topics to pay special attention to (read and practice additionally). During the course, the individual journey is tracked in a personal learning diary.
Everyone immediately gets into a useful social network. Based on tasks you have come up with, we recommend you who from the community of graduates, students and experts is important for you to meet and chat to.
We have a parallel program where everyone can share their expertise (conduct their own class) or create a place for the transfer of expertise (organize a lesson with an expert on their own request).
The ealier the better
Benefit from early registration
Early bird period is two-phase:
The earliest bird gets 20% off
Just an early bird gets 10% off
Though our full price is modest ;)
We organize teaming meetups from the first day of registration, and those who come first buddy the latecomers.
As course starts, we are all friends :)
Before course starts, we organize entry sessions on navigator approach and innovative education.
The earlier you come the less you pay and the more you get!
Learn, practice and get support
Live webinars

Our webinars are not lectures, but an opportunity to explore and immediately try out the topics covered in them.

Of course, you will have to read and think a lot, be prepared for a dense flow of new and complex information.

But the interactive nature of webinars, some of which take place in the form of educational games, allows you to cope with the complexity without losing vigor and clarity =)
A lot of practice
After each webinar, you'll have a week for independent practice, which you excercise in a convenient way with your students or clients.

A part of practical tasks you'll get is for peer learning, so you do not need to think about where to get «guinea pigs» if your current activity is not related to working with people.

While practicing, you are constantly supported by experts and curators whom you may address any time you need.
Unlimited support
We realize how hard it could be to immediately dive into a new approach and new practice.

Therefore we have:
  • Prompt support and answers to all questions in the course chat.
  • Personal navigation and personal counseling with our experts.
  • Adapting practice tasks to the situation of each student.
  • Mentoring groups with our graduates to discuss practical cases.
Joining community
Since your firsrt day of study, you join a community of like-minded people with whom you learn together and constantly exchange experience.

Each track has its own chat and mandatory intervisions.

After graduation, you are welcomed by the Alumni Club, which supports you in the practicing of navigation, promoting yourself as a specialist and creating joint projects with other graduates.
Navigator — a specialist in supporting the implementation of the individual and collective desired future in a world with high complexity and uncertainty
Education is the foundation of a personal and collective worldview, lifestyle, and mode of action, thus how it affects the student is far more important than the novelty itself. Education should not only be renovated, it should be transformed in a certain way — namely, become a space-time for prototyping and appropriation of social scenarios that lead to the coordinated formation of high-order collective subjects (a collective subject created by personal subjects consciously and on the basis of common values and common vision) and their collective action for the common good.
Ecosystemic education we support and promote is a way of developing personal and collective entities that leads to the ability to shape the worldview in accordance with the desired image of the global future and evolve, increasing their own power and the power of the communities in which they are involved or which they create.
We take the concept «everyone is a changemaker» as a starting point, where the main shift in social scenarios is made from the idea that power and leadership should be concentrated in a small number of influential hands, leaving the majority powerless and disempowered, to the idea that each personality actually influences the global scenarios — and hence the importance of personal power and personal responsibility of each without exception.
This defines both our methods and processes and key competencies we try to develop in each navigator, which are:

— planetary thinking. Allows individuals or communities to correlate their values, intentions and actions with global processes, understand and accept different types of individuals and interpersonal relationships, cultural and social models, see and determine their place in the ecosystem, perceive diversity as a factor of progress, create new meanings and ideas at a junction of mindsets and ways of doing things, to care for yourself and your groups in the context of caring for the ecosystem as a whole. This, in its turn, requires such basic skills as systems thinking, multiculturalism, social literacy, eco-literacy, global awareness (feeling oneself a part of the global world);

— collective knowledge management and collective problem solving. Allows to consistently act to develop complex solutions, perceive the capabilities and interests of each team member and effectively integrate them, work on the basis of win-win strategies, realize the value of each participant, build productive horizontal connections, create and launch changes that are clearly visible on the global scale. This, in turn, requires basic skills such as empathy, communicative literacy, flexibility and adaptability, intelligence design, the ability to correlate tasks and responsibilities with personal experience, listen and hear each other, act from the heart, as well as new grounds for interaction, such as fairness, trust, etc.

— sustainable self-development. Living in a complex world requires new technologies of self-determination and self-governance. The fact that we cannot make a long-term forecast means that we must constantly be ready to change our lives. This needs basic skills of receptivity to global challenges and constant learning and relearning. At the same time, we must be able to constantly stay in touch with ourselves and consciously choose among the many possibilities, focusing on those that reflect our ideas about the optimal lifestyle, that is, be able to hear our deep inner self, set goals and make conscious decisions to rebuild our life strategies in accordance with our genuine evolution.
Expert team
  • Lika Chekalova
    Educational strategist, methodologist, futurist, head of track «Navigation of educational organizations»
  • Mikhail Zabelin
    Group and community development specialist, LARP and serious games designer, head of track «Group and community navigation»
  • Taras Kudryashov
    Personal navigator, psychologist, talent development specialist, co-head of track «Individual navigation»
  • Alexey Zykov
    Personal and group navigator, psychologist, co-head of track «Individual navigation»
  • Tatiana Zaripova
    Personal navigator, coach РСС ICF, executive coach
  • Alla Popova
    Personal navigator, career couselor, psychologist
  • Anna Kozlova
    Personal navigator, serious game designer, Clean Language facilitator
  • Alyona Surikova
    Navigator of groups and communities, sociologist, psychologist, social technologist
  • Oleg Muromtsev
    Sociopractice expert, methodologist, head of track «Ecosystem navigation»
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